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Marie-France F.

1. Parks and Gardens of Caen. Passionate about plants, Marie-France will take you on a discovery tour of various parks and gardens in Caen. The bird hill which houses a magnificent rose garden, a labyrinth, an animal park, games for children and a panoramic view of the city and the English garden of the Memorial, a peaceful place of memory. Second option: the downtown plant garden and the mystical sleeping cemetery of the 4 nations will be the opportunity to show you the different green spaces of Caen.
2. The forest of Ifs. Marie-France will accompany you for a walk in the forest of Ifs, on the outskirts of Caen. For the pleasure of walking in the calm and surrounding nature.
3. The Grimbosq forest. Marie-France will accompany you on a hike in the Grimbosq forest, a few kilometres from Caen. Arboretum, hiking trails or even animal park, the forest is the green lung near the city.

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